Varicose Compression Socks


Varicose Compression Socks

Are you experiencing pain or cramps in your legs at night? Or you notice that your legs feel heavy and you’ve swollen ankles at the end of the day? This is a pointer to veinous insufficiency which occurs when valves of the veins becomes damaged. This causes difficulty in blood circulation and results in blood pooling and visible twisted veins under the skin called Varicose veins. Varicose socks help to improve blood circulation amongst other health benefits, so you should get one. Rather than preventing varicose veins from developing, it provides a great support for a healthy blood flow.

Varicose Socks are elastic and it places pressure on the veins in the lower legs.
In an horizontal position (e.g while sleeping), the functioning of the veinous valves is more effective. Gravity acts on the damaged valves while standing or sitting and this accounts for the gradual swelling of the feet as the day progresses.

Asides improving blood circulation, Varicose Socks lower the risks of blood clots and relieves swelling in the legs.
A variety of health conditions like varicose veins, spider veins and chronic venous insufficiency can be prevented with the Varicose Socks. The symptoms of varicose veins can be relieved, blood circulation improved, soothing and massaging aching legs and feet. It can be used to control odors too.

Certain bodily symptoms such as swollen ankles, heavy or aching legs, pain and fatigue can be alleviated with the Varicose Socks. During pregnancy, prolonged sitting and standing, these conditions might be aggravated.
However, the pressure provided by the Varicose Socks can make ischemic disease worse. So it shouldn’t be used if you’ve peripheral vascular disease.

Varicose Socks should be worn during the day and taken off before going to bed. It is important to get two pairs, so that one pair can be worn when the other is being cleaned (washed and dried). I this important to note that these socks should be hand washed instead of using a machine and it should be hung to dry rather than using a dryer. While you use, it is advised that you use cold or mild temperature water and soap or mild detergent should be used.

To get the right Varicose Socks size for you, you should take the measurements before you get out of bed. The narrowest part of your ankle and the widest part of your calves should be measured for a knee high socks. The distance of your leg from the floor should also be measured as you sit up on the bed.

For a thigh high socks, the distance of between the buttocks and the floor should be measured as you stand.

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