• an ultrathin, high durable and high flexible hallux valgus corrective supporter, which realigns mild to strong level of hallux valgus (1st – 4th grade, c.a. 15 – 45 degrees toe deformity). Bochikun relieves and prevents bunion pain, as well as other joint related problems. The durability is usually multiple as high than with conventional fabric supporters.
  •  prevents the regeneration of hallux valgus and other foot misalignments after a foot surgery and optimally designed for all running and endurance sports.
  • Enhances the functionality of conventional hallux valgus supporters and hallux valgus splints. Stimulates and strengthens the weakened abductor hallucis muscle and in particular makes it easier to return a medial big toe that has twisted laterally. Bochikun optimizes your body balance as well as your walking gait and prevents ankle pain, knee pain, hip pain and other foot related problems which may occur because of foot or toe misalignments.
  • Specially-designed, the high performance material stretches lengthwise and crosswise for a perfect fit. The entire heel joint is properly stabilized so that Bochikun does not slip while walking or running and treats and corrects the real causes of hallux valgus and most joint problems.
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