Revitalize Your Muscles with Hydrocollator PACKS – Say Goodbye to Aches and Pains!

Often times, due to our everyday lifestyle and activities. We experience musculoskeletal disorders such as joint pain, strains bruises, inflammatory pain and most commonly arthritis. One sure way to get a deep felt, soothing and as the same time moist heat is the use of The Hydrocollator Pack.

The hydrocollator PACK is one way by which we can deliver superficial moist heat to the body. The heat delivered by the hydrocollator PACK is transferred by Conduction mode of heat transfer.

Hydrocollator Hot PACKS are made up of a combination of bentonite clay and other natural fillings. It is a fabric envelope, containing silica gel which accounts for its capability to absorb. A large amount of water and provide moist heat when heated in the hydrocollator unit. Averagely, it gives moist, penetrating heat for about 30 to 40 minutes. It comes in variety of shapes and sizes too. And can be used in the different parts of the body where it is needed.

The hydrocollator packs are stored in a thermostatically controlled unit. The water in the unit is monitored and kept between 700 c and 800 c. It can be kept in the unit as long as possible provided that there is enough water in the tank.



            The Hydrocollator Pack Therapy is very safe and easy to apply:

  • Immerse the pack in the heating unit to absorb heat
  • Remove
  • Wrap in its terry cover and extra toweling to avoid skin burns

(As many towels as possible can be used to reduce the intensity of the heat

  • Apply to treatment area

(Can be used up to 3 times or mores a day)

Hydrocollator Packs USE & EFFECTS


Hydrocollator pack for home use
Hydrocollator unit

what is hydrocollator pack

The Hydrocollator Pack is a good fit in any situation that requires penetrating heat and pain relief. It is used in managing joint pain, muscle spasm, inflammation and joint adhesions. Provides hemodynamic, neuromuscular and metabolic effects as it increases vasodilation, provides smooth muscle relaxation, increases metabolic rate and tissue extensibility, increases pain threshold. Also, It provides a more sedative effect than dry heat.


            Although, the Hydrocollator Pack has diverse functions and applications. It is important to note that it is not advisable to be used in certain conditions.

  • Impaired Skin Sensation: When the individual is unable to tell what he/she feels.
  • Circulatory dysfunctions
  • Confused/ disoriented patients
  • Infections and open wounds
  • Gross Oedema: it can increase the rate of inflammation
  • Cancer and tuberculosis

Hydrocollator Machine in Nigeria




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