Health benefits of Hot Water Bottles



For a very long time now, the hot water bottles have been a companion of many households. This is not far-fetched from its warmth producing ability and also the numerous health benefits it offers its user.

Typically, Hot Water Bottles are containers shaped into bottles. They are made of rubber adapted to withstand hot water. However, some products come in material aside rubber. All still share the same properties with rubber. As concise as it may be, this blog will outline some health benefits that can be gotten from the use of a hot water bottle.

Alleviates musculoskeletal pain

Is your pain coming from the muscle or one of the joints? Are you having a bad day because of your back pain and neck pain? You don’t have to fear or worry about this anymore. With this simple tool, you can give yourself a relief even before you see your physiotherapist. It has been shown that heat provides pain relief at the molecular level. This has been taken advantage of to solve many problems traced to the musculoskeletal system. With your hot water bottle, you can get relief from muscle aches, spasm, and pain, back pain, knee pain, wrist pain, etc.

  • Reduces Joint stiffness

Using a hot water bottle on your joint can go a long way toward improving the range of motion of a stiff joint. The application of heat using this bottle will increase blood flow to the joint, preparing it for optimal function and healing. It also increases the extensibility of the tissues surrounding the joint, thereby bringing about a reduction in joint stiffness.

  • Alleviates Menstrual pain and cramps

Menstrual pain and cramps could be awful and, at its peak, could render one not useful for a whole day. A fascinating fact is that the use of a continuous but mild heat provided by a hot bottle is very effective in providing relief to the crisis of menstrual pain and cramps in an impressive performance. It is cheap without any side effects.

  • Reduces swelling

Do you know a hot water bottle can also be modified into a cold compress? In case you need to suppress a swelling around your joint or any part of your body, all you need do is to make sure the water bottle is filled with cold water or preferably ice. Place this on the surface of the body and watch the magic happen. This simple procedure will slow down the rate at which inflammation occurs, reducing swelling and the risk of tissue damage.

  • Managing cold intolerance

Regardless of the cause of cold intolerance, it is paramount to keep one’s body warm. Hot water bottles can provide the warmth you desire to help you manage cold intolerance.

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