Benefits of infrared lamp


Infrared lamp radiation is a means of providing heat therapy which is used in the treatment of a variety of conditions which includes; various forms of arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, muscle pain and spasm, joint stiffness thereby contributing to increase in range of motion at the joint etc.

How It Works
One assume a comfortable position, expose the area to be treated, then apply the light to the surface of the body.
When Infrared is applied, the light waves get converted into heat energy in the body where it causes local rise in temperature of the part being applied to. In response to the increased temperature, an expansion in the blood vessels at the region occur, thus causing increase in blood supply. The heat generated also exhibit some effects on the nerves at that site, which are primarily sedative.
Uses of Infrared treatment
Relief of pain
Pain is relieved through the sedative effect of mild heating provided by Infrared on the sensory nerves. Pain could also result from accumulation of metabolic waste products, in which the increase in blood supply helps in removing the wastes and as such solves the problem of pain.
Relaxation of Muscle
Buildup of waste products of muscle could result into spasm. The increase in blood supply helps flush the waste product and supply the muscle with fresh nutrients. With this, the muscle gets relaxed and free.
Managing joint pain
Likewise, in Arthritic conditions, removal of pain substances by the increased blood supply helps to alleviate pain and increases the elasticity of tissues, because of this stiffness at the level of joint is reduced and range of motion is increased.
Wound healing
When Infrared is applied, the heat produced brings about an increase in the blood supply locally. This supplies the area of the wound with fresh nutrients and other molecules necessary for healing.
Also, the increased temperature provides an environment not suitable for microorganisms to live in.
Increased blood supply to the wound brings about recruitment of white blood cells which are a part of the immune system of the body that fights infection. Through this, contamination of wound by microorganisms that are capable of delaying healing is prevented.

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